The Mexican Safari Experience
You focus on your Trophy, we take care of the rest!

It starts with good information and planning assistance. We assist you in obtaining the required US Customs forms and firearms inspection, to insure you won't have a problem when you're coming home. You'll receive a very complete pre-Safari planning package. There are no surprises with Sueño Sonora Outfitters!

Once you have your US Customs Form 4457 in-hand, we obtain all the Mexican licenses, permits, game tag and all other paperwork you will need for a hassle-free experience.

Complete border crossing and firearms processing escort service    One of our experienced guides will escort you across the border, and walk you through the Mexican Customs, Military and 21Km checkpoints. We provide the same escort service through all three Mexican checkpoints and US Customs on your return, completing your Mexican Safari in a professional manner.

Bring your rig, or leave it at the border. If you wish to bring your own vehicle into Mexico, we assist you in obtaining the necessary insurance. If you prefer to travel in our vehicles, we assist you in selecting a safe storage facility on the US side of the border so it will be waiting for you in good shape when you get back.

First-class accommodations, helpful, experienced staff When you arrive, you'll find more than you expected to make your stay a delightful experience! We've all hunted with other outfitters across several continents, and know how to provide the little details that make all the difference.

    You'll be glad you chose Sueño Sonora Outfitters!

Your Trophy is waiting!

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